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5 Tips To Make Your Social Media LIT!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

In this constantly changing digital world every brand needs to keep up their pace with the constantly evolving digital world. In the rush to have social media presence a lot of brands do some horrendous mistakes when it comes to running good and successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

There are a lot of myths wrapped around the craft but let us tell you something very basic, social media marketing should be effective and affordable for every small or big business not expensive. The only thing a good Social Media Marketing Campaign requires is time and understanding of the platform and ongoing trends. Social Media Marketing is a very powerful tool and with Great Power come Great Responsibilities, we all know that don’t we? Social media can make or break a brand’s image in span of minutes, it’s about the approach a brand takes towards its target audience.

There are several things when it comes to Social Media Marketing, one needs to devote time, create high performing content, interact with the audience, measure stats and modulate their strategies accordingly, but there are somethings which can help you deliver better results with same efforts. Here are some Tips a brand should go through before stepping into the digital domain:

Learn about the platform: It is important to understand how your target platform works, what are its Pros and Cons. Things you can do to increase the reach and engagement rate for your content. Once you understand the platform, you’ll be working on it leaves a very minimal margin for error.

Listen to your customers/Understand your audience: In Social Media Marketing it is important for a brand to understand their target audience and what they exactly want. In today’s time the audience wants to consume quality content. When a brand provides their audience with good content which not only educates them but is entertaining, they tend to engage more by sharing, retweeting and forwarding the content in their peer group which directly leads to increased reach.

Consistency: Like they say, Consistency is the key. A brand needs to be in front of their audience constantly. The best way to make sure of this is by posting regularly, engaging with the audience, Sharing stuff etc. This not only increases the visibility but also makes the audience feel a personal touch, i.e., the brand cares about their customers and is always there for them. This is an important badge to have if you are running a B2C company.

Quality is better than quantity: you are not a super hero so instead of spreading your wings over every platform and trying to maintain your presence on each one of them, Research and narrow down the list of platforms to 2-3 based on the behavior and usage of your target audience. It will help you focus your energy and creativity on the platforms where it is needed.

Track and Measure EVERYTHING: You need to be vigil enough to track and measure everything you post and share, the impact it is having on your brand’s performance on the platforms. How your audience is reacting to it. A slightest of mistake, misquote or anything as small as that can cause a blunder. These are some basic tips which will help you up you Social Media game and if you still have any issue or problem regarding stagnant brand growth or how to of the Digital world, WE at “We Media Communications” are always there to help you ad your brand out.

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