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#AdventureArchives: Synergy

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

The best part in the fifth segment of the Harry Potter series, which wasn’t done much

justice in the movies, was the existence of Dumbledore’s Army. Harry Potter, Hermione

Granger and Ronald Weasley came together to take Harry’s help in learning how to

tackle situations where they were being attacked by the dark forces. Their teamwork,

while learning and later while at the Ministry of Magic against the Death Eaters, made

the reader feel proud.

Well, we are always going to complain over how the movies left out some of the best

parts of the books but there is no denying that watching that variety of Hogwarts

students come together, learning from each other, helping each other, being a family,

made al of us want to be a part of the DA. And for those who love superheroes, there

hasn’t been a single moment when you watch the Avengers together and don’t daydream of being a part of their team. Everyone does! The Avengers score playing in the background, the heroes coming together, Captain giving the split on who does what and BAM! They fight and they fight to win.

Working in a communications organization is quite similar to being a part of

Dumbledore’s Army or the Avengers. Their strength lies in their teamwork. Their trust

in each other brings success. And healthy internal competition pushes them to perform

their best which in turn churns out the best results, in favour of the team.

But why teamwork? Why is it important? What can be done in teamwork

that can’t be done individually?

There is always someone who has these questions in their heads and who require an

understanding of why things like teamwork and leadership sound superficial but are so

important to organizations. Allow us to tell you why!

Collaboration“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”

Teamwork propels people within the same organization to collaborate or work with each

other. Collaboration is vital to achieving the targets or goals set by the organization.

Teamwork pushes people towards achieving the end goal.

1. Efficiency 

Working together as a team has repeatedly proven to show an increase in productivity of

the work leading to quality work in record time. But this is possible only if everyone in

the team takes up the responsibility of achieving their tasks to the best of their abilities.

It also reduced individual workload and ensures tasks are completed quicker.

2. Ideas

Working as a team means working together with a slew of people coming from different

places with different mindsets and different thoughts. This unity in diversity within a

team leads to creative brainstorming sessions and brings in multiple perspectives that

generate a diverse unit of ideas, all leading towards the same goal.

3. Connectivity

Quality in work is achieved when connections between team members exist and are

further enhanced. For an agency spouting quality work, success is natural.

4. Monitoring, Learning and Relationship Management

Working as a team in an agency has a three-pronged benefit, both individually and as a

team. Self-monitoring, observation of each other’s work and dependency on the quality of each other’s work enhances the quality. There is always someone who would know something you wouldn’t.

Constant learning happens within a team. Constant learning combined

with the attempts to improve one’s work leads not just to a healthy internal competition

but raises the bar in terms of the quality of your work. And combined, all these lead to

strong working relationships.

These are the major benefits of working in a team. Harry Potter series and the Avengers

have, time and again, proven how important teamwork is. Every member brings

something special to the team. Everyone has their strengths which help the team achieve

their goals and their weaknesses, which are pushed to be beneficial to the team with


Don’t believe us? Try applying these mantras of teamwork to your team and you will see

what we are talking about!

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