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#AdventureArchives: To Survive Or To Flourish?

To Survive or To Flourish Is The Question Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes is a place each one of us has wanted to exist for real. The descriptions in the book made it sound like a lively place where all the action happened and the visuals in the movies gave it a sense of warmth and comfort with a bucketload of fun. But what made Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes a success? What drove the masses to that joke shop? SKILL. Rocket Raccoon wasn’t a human by any measure. Anyone who has paid attention to the first instalment of the Guardians of the Galaxy knows that he was surgically enhanced, giving him a cybernetic skeletal structure, enhanced bones, and an augmented cerebral cortex. He leveraged his enhancements by becoming a champion creator of weapons. How did he manage it? How did he, a raccoon, have the sense to develop weapons and help a God? The same the Weasley Twins did it. SKILL. In a world that is turning increasingly digital, simply put, skills are important. Small word, immense weightage. This five-lettered word is a huge umbrella for everything that can be done. The empty space underneath this umbrella is increasing every single day as is the variety of skills to fill up this space. And increasing your list of skills is important. Consider it a threat put out in good faith that if you don’t upgrade your skills periodically, you will be left far behind in this fast-paced world. And we are not saying that it is a bad thing to be relaxed and work at your own pace but in the world of communications, you will end up reaching your last wall sooner than you expected. If you’re feeling encouraged to work on your skills after reading this but aren’t sure where to start, continue reading. We present to you some of the basic skills that you can pick up to start your #AgencyLife! 1. Content Content means everything. Researching it, creating it, managing it. As simple as that. There is no before and after, if and but when it comes to content. It is facts that you put out, occasionally as a story, seldom as an article and frequently as a blog. A common belief is that it is an art that cannot be taught but we do believe that with constant practice, it can be improved. You can find several books that can help you with letting your creative juices flow by helping you practice the creation and processing of content from scratch. 2. Social Media First things first, social media doesn’t mean simply publish posts. No. Nu-uh. Nada. Behind every single social media post published by brands, big or small, are a lot of steps and processes involved. Time, technology, and the need of reaching a wider reach of people are also constantly bringing in new tools to ease the long process for you and cut down on the extra steps. Social media is also playing a gigantic role in pushing people towards brands. This knowledge is a must-know! 3.Credibility through Research Your content goes to your website and social media to inform your already established clientele and to attract potential clientele and this assists your organization’s goal to build up and maintain a rapport in its circle and outside. But why would your stakeholders continue to partner with you if you don’t provide them with the right information? Why would anyone bring their business to you if you don’t know what you are talking about? What you need to be able to connect to your stakeholders and potential clientele is credible information. And this credibility comes through research. Make research your best friend if you want to connect. 4.Communication Skills Now you have your credible content in your hand and your platform ready to present but how do you present? You see, appreciate, and enjoy what different brands are doing with their social media every day and you know it is pushing you and many like you towards the said brand. This is where communication skills step in. Communication skill is the name of a metropolis within which reside innumerable sectors and avenues that keep on increasing in number. If communication skills are New York, you have to practice making yourself Lincoln Square. (We feel being Lower Manhattan works too!) 5.Basic Design Skills Designing is a multi-faceted, multi-layered skill. Every technicality, leveraged or not, becomes a visual to the viewer and visuals today provide more exposure and retainability than read-only content. Some basic designing skills will always help you with the last-minute changes to your post copies and ideations. 6.SEO and Data Analysis Keywords are game onto themselves. Google is currently the world’s biggest search engine and it constantly monitors and utilizes keywords to show you your search results. If you want to learn how to make Google show you up when someone searches for you or any of the services you provide, SEO is a master tool to learn. Data Analysis, on the other hand, is not just a tool. It is a skill that helps you determine how well you are doing. It is the gathering, processing, and cleansing of a wide range of information picked up through online, and occasionally offline, interactions. It helps you analyze trends and make decisions for your brand accordingly. (Psst…! Learn MS Excel too. You’ll thank us later!) These are some of the basic skills that are required in the domain of communications in the current scenario. More advanced knowledge and practice of any of these skills can take you a long way in this ever-growing field. If you feel ready to take up the challenge of honing your skills, go ahead! And if you feel the need to gather more information regarding a skill set you wish to hone, drop us a comment below!

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