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#AdventureArchives: Who Would You Choose?

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

There was a time when the world's normal was different, more outdoorsy. Today's normal is being able to accomplish the maximum tasks with the least steps from behind a desk. Once upon a time, people who could work a computer system were rare and considered a talented niche. A step above the rest. Today, one's who can't are considered a niche. And being a part of the latter niche doesn’t bode well. Work, earlier, could be easily completed by reading the person we were dealing with. Their body language, their expressions, their language, their handwriting. A task that isn't achievable in a digital world that lacks physical personalization. Then how do you differentiate yourself in a world where every other person is an ace with a system?

The answer is quite simple- your skill set!

Remember Rocket Raccoon from the MCU Infinity Saga? And the Weasley Twins? Of course, you do. Everyone does. Be it the readers of the comic and the books or the movie watchers. What you might not have noticed is that they share something very important between them- their skill set. They are inventors. They come up with new ideas and upgrades.

If you look closely, the same goes for each of our favorite characters who have their own specific skill sets. Something that probably a lot of people can do but they are the ones who excel at it. Something we call being the “subject matter expert". Having skills is becoming an increasingly salient requirement in the current timeline. While the world is in the process of turning digital in its entirety, the prerequisite skill sets are changing for every job imaginable.

You must be thinking of how there could be any similarities. We know, we know. The fandoms are different. The universes are different. But if you look at all these universes from a bird’s eye view, you'll realize that they all stem from the same root. Bruce Banner and Hermione Granger, for instance, are two of the bigger minds in their respective universe. They are like the R&D Department in themselves. Nick Fury and Dumbledore- two of the most iconic characters be it the movie or the comic/ book. What are the similarities between them you ask? Like Phineas Nigellus Black's portrait said, "…I disagree with him on many counts, but you can't disagree… Dumbledore's got style."

These two iconic characters play mentors to our heroes. They guide them, motivate them, and help them, whenever wherever. That is their skill set.

Merriam Webster defines skills as, “the ability to use one’s knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance”.

The above-mentioned “ability” is what needs to be developed to perform a Potterverse E (Exceeds Expectations!) in the increasingly cut-throat competitive world.

Being a firm that provides a 360-degree communications overhaul (and of course, fans of pop culture), we emphasize on skill and accordingly, provide you with personalization in terms of transparency, persuasion, listening, language and accurate information dispensation in the world that’s in the process of turning digital.

For further information, we invite you to a tour of our website:

-We @ WE. Media Communications

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