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We Are Always Lovin’ It! Instakshri 2.0

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

McDonalds has been a brand which has put the best creativity in their communications. Whether it’s their menu or their social media campaigns, or topical days, McDonalds never fails to impress its stakeholders. Our childhood favourite, Ronald McDonald found a creative way to showcase the newly launched Instagram Music back in the summer of 2020. McDonalds India revived one of their successful campaigns of the past with a new version called “Instakshri 2.0”. Instakshri 2.0, as the name suggests is a version of one of India’s most loved games, “Antakshri” but with Instagram in it! McDonalds India very strategically utilized the newly launched feature of Instagram’s music to its advantage.


The aim of the campaign must have been to generate as much organic engagement as possible while staying relevant in times of the pandemic. Since the entire world went digital, Instagram as a platform was smartly chosen keeping in mind the capabilities and reach of the platform including the newly launched and trending Instagram Music.


Once the campaign went live, McDonalds India posted a new Hindi letter on their Instagram story at specific intervals and the audience had to add a song starting with that letter on to their stories and tag McDonalds India on them. In addition to Instagram stories, McDonalds also sent out push notifications and emails to its user base in order to amplify the campaign.


The brand garnered close to 7 Lac impressions with 11 posts and 22 stories with an engagement rate of 27% on the posts and a completion rate of 97% on the stories. The average engagement rate on Instagram was 15% and completion rate on stories was 80%. 13,573 comments were generated meaning 13,573 songs were sent in a span of merely two hours.

Our Analysis

On any digital platform, one of the most important aspects of reporting growth is how the audience is engaging with the brand’s content. There are a lot of factors which contribute to this but a brand should know how to cover all bases while making an effective campaign strategy. One of the most important points while building a campaign is to understand your audience, their content consumption habits and how the chord can be struck. McDonalds India very creatively covered all these aspects and had a successful organic campaign at hand. For a brand Organic audience engagement is a major plus and McDonalds were able to generate a massive amount of engagement using a platform feature in Instakshri 2.0.

The brand, very strategically used existing and new platform features to engage their audiences and keep a light hearted conversation going on around the brand. McDonalds is also famous for its quirky yet engaging marketing campaigns and their love-hate relationship with their competitor and global fast food chain, Burger King. We will be discussing more of such creative, yet strategic and impactful campaigns with you in our upcoming blogs.

Image Credits: Marketing Mind

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