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Young Female Artist

The new age internet gets influenced in plenty of ways. Its users speak in multiple regional languages, likes multiple art forms and artists, and follow multiple trends.  Does your brand have such influential advocates? We specialize in reaching out to these talent houses to get a wider reach for your brand.


Artist on Stage


Our primary mission is to connect our partners with voices who can create a

measurable impact 

for their brands. We aim at connecting our partners with top influencers in different categories. What sets us apart is our rich Indian influencer network and analyzing of various metrics before curating the list of best influencer networks and set up a healthy amount of brand advocacy. 


We infuse our partner brand’s core message into our brand strategy by working with influencers 

to create authentic, story-driven content that lives beyond the regular PR activity scope. Based 

on the goals, our team of digital media experts share the right medium and the right approach 

for such activities. With our in-house video production team, we accentuate campaigns with 

creating top-notch branded content.​

With our experienced media planning team, we amplify the content created by influencers to 

get you the biggest reach and increase the brand and product consideration. 

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