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#DettolSalutes: A Brief Analysis

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Since the onset of the dreaded second wave of the coronavirus hit India, our healthcare systems, doctors, nurses, paramedics, and frontline workers have been working under immense pressure and putting their 101% into saving the lives of people. During these months, we have also heard a lot of people going beyond the imaginable to help the ones in need. Whether it is providing medical oxygen, running drives for collecting plasma, selling cars to buy and, donating oxygen cylinders and donating ambulances and ventilators, our society saw some real heroes step up, when it was needed the most. To appreciate this gesture of millions of people, Dettol India and Reckitt Benckiser decided to recognize these heroes by replacing the iconic Dettol logo with pictures of these heroes.

This will be for the first time in history when Dettol will be replacing its logo on the packaging. For a retail brand, product packaging is one of the most important aspects of its branding and visual identity. Packaging being a medium is something on which brands spend a lot. A vital reason for this is also that it is the most underrated, yet one of the most effective mediums to market your product.

This will be a dual campaign as it will also be promoted on various social media platforms for maximising reach. Further, these special Dettol Packs will be available across 5 lac stores and are also planned to be launched on E-commerce platforms later this month.

This campaign is a very good example of leveraging the “emotion driven” marketing approach. In these tough times implementing this strategy will not only help the brand establish a personalized touch with its consumers but will also help in expressing an emotion of gratitude towards these pillars of our community.

In addition to the above mentioned points this activity will also boost Dettol’s relevance in the current times and will give a big boost to its already healthy reputation as well. Campaigns such as these have been run by numerous brands in the past and Dettol tends to be another one to bank on the current market trends. Brands like Coca-Cola, Burger King and Starbucks, have also found their own unique ways of expressing gratitude to the society using an emotion led approach, writing names on bottles and coffee mugs is one example of that!

Banner Credits: Financial Express

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